¿Cómo vendar un pulgar con cinta de kinesiología?

what is kinesiology tape thumb?

kinesiology tape thumb is a special elastic tape made of a breathable, stretchy cotton or rayon that resembles the elasticity and thickness of skin.

It is often used to relieve or prevent thumb pain. There are many reasons for thumb pain, so why stick kinesiology tape thumb?

kinesiology tape thumb

how to tape thumb with kinesiology tape?

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Cut out a hole for the thumb to pass through at one end of the muscle tape, fix the anchor end on the back of the hand, pass the thumb through, and extend the palm to the back of the hand with natural tension.

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The moderate tension of the type I muscle tape extends along the forearm to the thumb.

After pasting, rub the patch repeatedly with your hands to consolidate the fit.

Through the principle of I-type muscle tape diversion, it promotes the introduction of blood and lymph into the pain point for anti-inflammation, and at the same time relaxes the muscles connected to the tendon.

Should I tape my thumb if it hurts?

The thumb is easily injured during sports. For example, when a football goalkeeper or a baseball player catches the ball, the medial collateral ligament of the thumb is damaged. This situation is very common, so how to prevent this situation.

Can be relieved and supported with kinesiology tape thumb to maintain its basic stability. Of course, you can also use sport tape, but because sports tape has no elasticity, it will limit the movement of joints. However, because kinesiology tape thumb is added with 5% spandex, the effect is better than sports tape in some cases.

If your finger has already suffered ligament strain, it must be protected and strengthened by specific activities. Untreated thumb sprains have a high risk of worsening. Rest, stabilization, protection, and immobilization can help your injured thumb heal quickly.

If your thumb is severely strained, kinesiology tape thumb alone is not enough to fix it. kinesiology tape thumb is more for prevention. If you have already injured your thumb and it is very painful, it is recommended that you go to the hospital to consult a professional physician.

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How long does a sprained thumb take to heal?

The degree of your thumb sprain determines how long it will take you to recover. If you immobilize your thumb with a splint or cast and avoid irritating it, a moderate sprain usually recovers in four to six weeks.

What does thumb taping do? 

Thumb taping is a technique used to stabilize and support the thumb joint. This is commonly done by athletes, especially those in sports that involve repetitive thumb motions or impact to the hand

Thumb taping can also be used as part of the treatment for certain injuries, such as thumb sprains or ligament tears, to help reduce pain and inflammation and support the healing process.

It’s like bowling thumb taping, Bowling wears a lot on your fingers. At this time, our thumb kinesiology tape thumb will be useful

In general, thumb taping is a useful technique for anyone who needs extra support and stability for their thumb joint, whether it’s due to injury, repetitive stress, or other factors. However, it’s important to note that thumb taping should be done properly to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimize the risk of further injury.

Where can i find kinesiology tape thumb

Today, kinesiology tape thumb is widely used, and you can frequently witness many athletes in different sports using them: LeBron James (NBA), Neymar(Paris Saint-Germain Football Club)

Typically, there are several ways for us to make purchases, including offline options like physical therapy shops, gyms, and hospitals; On online marketplaces like Amazon, Wal Mart, Alibaba, and others, purchases can be made. However, if you are unfamiliar with the market, you should seek for reputable manufacturers or suppliers, such as Nosotros hicimos, a manufacturer with tight quality control, a solid reputation in its field, and satisfied clients.You can go there to learn more if you’re interested in making an online purchase.

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