Ist Kinesiologie-Tape gut bei einer Oberschenkelzerrung?

Kinesiology Hamstring tape is becoming more and more popularIn our daily lives, leg cramps are common, usually harmless, and only last for a short period of time. They can occur at any time, but most people do so at night or during breaks. In addition, athletes often experience cramps in high-intensity sports.

Let’s first understand the kinesiology hamstring tape: kinesiology hamstring tape is an ultra-thin breathable tape with elasticity, which has different widths, colors and elasticity. It can be cut into different shapes according to needs and applied to the skin, muscles, and joints that need treatment, such as arms, arms, thighs, calves, back, etc. Although the application area of the kinesiology tape is different, its essential function is to help muscles and joints make positive adjustments, play a supporting and stabilizing role. Kinesiology tape generates pressure and tension on the skin, stimulates mechanoreceptor, and promotes blood and lymph circulation.

What are leg cramps?

What are leg cramps?

Leg cramps are referred to as muscle spasms in medicine. They are not a problem with tendons, but rather with muscles. They are a type of spontaneous tonic contraction of muscles. When the leg muscles tighten and cause sudden pain, making it difficult to move, leg cramps can occur, and muscle spasms can last for several seconds to 10 minutes.

Causes of leg cramps

Causes of leg cramps

The causes of some leg cramps are unknown, and the main causes of leg cramps are as follows:

1. High intensity intense exercise

Intense exercise puts muscles in a tense state, and high-intensity exercise or sudden relaxation after intense exercise can cause muscle spasms.

2. Calcium deficiency

Lack of calcium in the body and excessive excitation of muscles and nerves can easily cause cramps.

3. Poor sleeping posture

Lying on the back for a long time, with the blanket pressed against the foot, or lying prone for a long time, with the foot pressed against the bed, forcing certain muscles of the lower leg to remain in an absolute relaxed state for a long time, causing muscle “passive contracture”.

4. Cold stimulation

When cold occurs, the nervous system stimulates muscles and generates heat through their rapid contraction, making them prone to spasms.

How do I overcome hamstring sprain?

When a leg cramp occurs, there are actually many ways to alleviate it. However, due to its suddenness, we usually prefer to use muscle bending to alleviate it: when a cramp occurs, you need to quickly contract your feet, make your toes bend towards the center of the foot, make the soles of the feet curved, and then use your hands to assist in straightening the legs.

If you are sitting, you can press your knees with your hands to straighten them, and hold on for a few seconds. After the pain disappears, continue to press on the knee and slowly relax the thigh. If you feel pain again, then straighten the leg and repeat until the pain subsides. If someone else is present when a leg cramp occurs, it can also be alleviated by applying heat/cold compress to the relevant area of the leg. When the cramp is relieved, it is important to rest and avoid vigorous exercise.

How do I overcome hamstring sprain?

Wie  to put kinesiology tape on hamstring?

Before starting to use, we first need to prepare kinesiology hamstring tape and kinesiology tape scissors. At the same time, before use, ensure that the skin is clean and dry,pay attention to leg hair to avoid damage.

Step 1. We first select a kinesiology hamstring tape that is long enough and use scissors to cut it along the center of the patch, dividing it into a Y-shaped shape. Then, use scissors to round each end of the kinesiology tape.

Step 2. Bend the knee of the calf that needs to be attached, use a long Y-shaped kinesiology tape to fit the bottom of the foot, and cover the other two tails at the calf muscles without stretching.

Step 3. Finally, rub the kinsiology tape with your hand to light pressure it and activate the adhesive.

How  to put kinesiology tape on hamstring?

Should I apply kinesiology tape myself?

If you have relevant experience, you can post it yourself, but if you do not have relevant experience, it is recommended to consult a professional for assistance.

Where to get kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology hamstring tape are now very common,and there are many different brands and manufacturers. You can often see people using it in different scenarios.We usually have many channels to purchase, including offline channels such as hospitals, fitness centers, supermarkets, and physical therapy stores; Online purchase can be made on online platforms, such as Amazon, WalMart, Alibaba, etc.

However, if you do not know the industry, you should identify professional manufacturers or suppliers, such as Aupcon Medical, which is a brand manufacturer focusing on kinesiology hamstring tape, with strict quality control, good industry reputation and good customer reputation. If you are interested, you can learn and try it out~

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Where to get kinesiology tape?


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